A screenshot of the Vermont Land Boundaries app, highlighting a parcel in Jericho, Vermont.

Vermont Land Boundaries

An app to display Vermont parcel data on your phone, for free.

Did you know?

Check out these Vermont parcel statistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question you don't see an answer too or need help with using the Vermont Land Boundaries app, please contact [email protected].

Where does the parcel data come from?

The State of Vermont publishes all parcel data (among other things) publicly on their website. You can view or download the parcel data on the Vermont Open Geodata Portal.

Does Vermont Land Boundaries have a website to view parcel data?

No, because the state already provides this for free. Vermont.gov Parcel Viewer is great tool for viewing Vermont parcel data on your computer. If you'd like to overlay other information such as topography data, for example, you can try the Vermont E9-1-1 Viewer.

When will the Android app be available?

As soon as possible. It needs to go through Google's app approval process.
(Last updated: March 14, 2024)